More Reasons Why the NFL is Stupid

I think the NFL will eventually start looking like the college game. It has to. You have players that have run spread offenses since the time they were 12, but for some reason the NFL decides that doesn’t work any more. They take guys that are square pegs and try to cram them into round holes. Why not just adapt to the way the game is played now and run a system that players are used to?

I can’t stand the high-and-mighty NFL people that think their game is so much better than college. It’s not. It’s not fun to watch. There aren’t any inventive schemes. Everybody does the same thing, and when they try to do something new (like zone read plays) they do it wrong and they do it at the wrong time.

The following article is my inspiration for this post:

Specifically this comment: The NFL will never move to using the spread offense the way colleges do, in large part because running isn’t something quarterbacks can continue to do as they age — and because of fear of injury.

And this comment: “So many times, you’re evaluating a quarterback who has never called a play in the huddle, never used a snap count,” Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said. “They hold up a card on the sideline, he kicks his foot and they snap the ball. That ain’t playing quarterback. There’s no leadership involved there. There might be leadership on the bench, but when you get them and they have to use verbiage and they have to spit the verbiage out and change the snap count, they are light years behind.”

So who decided running out of the shotgun was such a bad idea? The QB gets to stand back and survey the whole field to decide what he’s going to do. If he’s handing it off, he just turns around and hands it off. It’s not that different. And nobody says the QB has to run in a Spread offense. And I seem to remember a couple QB’s that could run that had pretty good/long careers: Steve Young, Brett Favre?

Why is it so important for guys to huddle up and be able to call plays? If college as figured out a better way to accomplish getting the play in, why not use it? I don’t care if it’s someone holding up a sign or the QB is checking the sideline. The play still gets called and it goes off in a more efficient manner.

I think the NFL should start adopting a college mentality. You’ve got guys for about 4 years. So let that drive your whole system. The value of WR’s should go up and QB value should go down. The NFL shouldn’t consider QB’s to be the cornerstone of the franchise. They should just be the distributor. RB value goes down and defensive speed and athleticism value goes up. Most coaches in the NFL don’t even last 4 years. Simplify the play-calling the way they do in college. If NFL teams realize they have a 4 year window to do something special, maybe they’d start coming up with new ideas that will work now instead of waiting 2-3 years for a kid to learn your system and your way of doing things.  Give him a way to make an impact immediately.

The NFL is eventually going to have to adapt to stay relevant.  When I think of who’s calling the shots in the NFL this is the image I get: